Thursday, November 23, 2006

William Burroughs - The Exile

After Vollmer's death, Burroughs drifted through South America for several months, looking for a drug called Yage, which could supposedly ease opiate addiction. He produced two novels during this time, "Junkie" exploring his morphine addiction, and "Queer" exploring his homosexuality.

He moves to Tanger for the next 5 years (from 1953 to 1958) he was living in a commercial establishment devoted to manly taking drugs almost continuously, he somehow was able to find time to write.

At this time he was totally dependent on heroin.

Like many addicts he tried kicking the habit himself. He would have a Spanish friend, known only as Kiki, hide his clothes so he couldn't go out and look for drugs.

With Kiki, one of the local boy lovers
of Burroughs' early Tanger years.


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