Thursday, November 23, 2006

William Burroughs - Paris (1958-1959)

Soon times changed for Burroughs.
He decided to get way from Marocco and moved to Paris. In 1959, while in Paris, "Naked Lunch" made it into print, and when an American edition was published in 1962, it received some surprisingly good reviews.
Whille in Paris, he developed a friendship with artist Brion Gysin. Their friendship lasted until Brion's death in 1986, and most importantly, it was Brion who discovered what many think Burroughs invented: the art of the cut-ups.

Living in Paris had advantages in the sense that it brought him back into daily contact with the Beat crowd and their way of life. But it also had its disadvantages, it provided him a bhoemian enviroment where drugs where taken on a daily basis(as most of the initial group were living there).

Burroughs in front of the booth of a fortune teller
on a Paris fleamarket, 1962.


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